Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tatuaje Tainos Review

Tatuaje Brown Label Tainos
 Size: Double Corona; 7 5/8ths x 49
Construction: Chocolaty Brown Nicaragua Corojo 99 wrapper, and Nicaraguan fillers and binders. Has a small/medium tooth to it.
Prelight: Strong tobacco with hints of earthiness.

 First 1/3rd 
Creamy white smoke; after a puff or two the tell tale Pepin pepper comes on strong.

Second 1/3rd 
The Tainos transforms to a darker thicker smoke with stronger hints of leather and cedar.

 Last 1/3rd 
On the final third it smooths out but maintains a rich tobacco taste. The spice gives slightly to a sweeter almost chocolaty taste.

Finish: A smooth cool long finish to a long and peppery cigar.

Overall: An impressive stick by any means, this Tatuaje is exemplary of the masterful blending of Pepin. I’d recommend this stick to any one who has worked there way up the Tatuaje line. Put your feet up, with a couple fingers of your favorite spirits, and let this cloud of spice drift you into the atmosphere.


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