Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jaime Garcia Petit Robusto

Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial Petit Robusto

Size: Short Robusto 4.5 x 50

Prelight: With an almost perfect broadleaf wrapper, the Jaime Petit has a semi-sweet tobacco flavor on the cold draw. From the foot comes a pleasant barnyard aroma.

First 1/3: Lots of smoke right off the bat, a lot of sweetness in the 1st 1/2". Typical of Connecticut Broadleaf, with a nice tight gray ash that shows off the toothiness. Medium bodied at the start with a bit of a tingle through the nose. A bit of pepper coming in as we get to the 1/3rd mark, with a very distinct cocoa taste on the back of the tounge.

Second 1/3: Very earthy and rich sweetness still dominating. Getting espresso flavor coating the tounge mixing with sweet earthiness.

Final 1/3rd: The complexion is increasingly bold, with clean flavors on the palette this cigar is practically smoking it self. Very complex when exhaling through the nose and mouth.

Finish: Amazing smoke, stayed cool through out with an impeccable burn.

Overall: One of the best 40 minute smokes ever.

Publishers note: Big thanks to Nolan for the review (and a couple of the photos), and Lucien for the camera donation to the blog! Thanks guys. -owen